Beep Beep!

A college student in Texas has stirred up controversy over her mode of transportation after a DUI arrest. Texas implied consent laws are similar to those in Georgia and her license was automatically suspended after she refused a breathalyzer test. Her father confiscated her car and gave her a bicycle, but she had other plans. Enter the Barbie Jeep! Since her DUI arrest, she has been getting around using the battery operated, plastic wheeled dream car of every preschooler. Apparently, the grown-up in a tiny fake car trend is catching on, but I have yet to see here in Roswell, GA. What say you? Is she being resourceful or not taking her charges seriously?

You can learn more about the unusual Jeeper here: http://www.insideedition.com/headlines/11849-student-defends-driving-barbie-jeep-on-campus-after-alleged-dwi-inspires-others-to-ride-toy

Read Georgia’s Implied Consent Law: http://law.justia.com/codes/georgia/2010/title-40/chapter-5/article-3/40-5-67-1