DUI deterrent?

DUI deterrent?

A Cumming, GA man has created a device that he claims will force people to think twice before drinking and driving. It is called “Not Tonight.” *giggle* The small device plugs into the cigarette lighter or charger port of a vehicle. When the driver turns on the ignition, the device flashes lights similar to those on police cars for 15 seconds and, in theory, that will make the driver rethink their decision to drive after drinking.

Not a terrible idea. I actually think this could be a great idea for teenage and young drivers as well, not just DUI prevention.

While I like like this concept, but my concern is that people will just unplug the thing. It is to remain plugged in at all times, regardless of whether the driver has consumed alcohol. I can just picture (sober) people forgetting that it is in their car and scaring themselves to death and then removing it from their vehicle.

What do you think? Would you place this in your or your children’s vehicle?

As always, have fun and be safe!

You can read more about Not Tonight here: http://revueandnews.com/stories/Local-man-creates-device-to-prevent-DUIs,79270