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If you have been charged with an Alpharetta, GA DUI, you could be feeling uneasy about your future, embarrassed, frustrated and even angry. Despite these very normal feelings, this is a time for decisive action. The very best decision you can make at this time is to get an experienced, Alpharetta, GA DUI attorney on board as soon as possible. This single action can be the pivotal point in altering the outcome of your DUI charges.

Following Your Alpharetta, GA DUI Arrest, What Comes Next?

Hopefully, you requested an attorney as soon as possible after you had an idea you were about to be arrested on charges of DUI. Rather than answering questions asked by the police officer—which will almost certainly create more problems for you—request an attorney, then politely refuse to answer any more questions. You will be given a date for your first court appearance, and you will have ten days to request a Georgia ALS Hearing. The “ten-day letter” is the beginning of the process of defending your Alpharetta, GA DUI case; if this letter is not submitted within the required time, your driver’s license could be automatically suspended for up to a year. Next, you will face an arraignment, the investigation of your case, motions hearings, pre-trial conference, the plea-bargaining phase, and the trial, if there has been no resolution of your case.

The Importance of Contacting an Alpharetta, GA DUI Attorney Immediately

Alpharetta, GA DUI attorney Melanie Ellwanger understands you are shaken up and have many questions you need solid answers to. Melanie will take the time to answer your questions, fighting hard for your freedom and your future. DUI attorney Melanie Ellwanger knows that you, like the vast majority of those arrested on DUI charges, are likely a good person in a bad situation. Believing this one incident should not define you or completely alter the course of your life, Melanie will go above and beyond as the advocate in your corner you so desperately need.

DUI attorney Melanie Ellwanger has experience as a DUI prosecutor—experience which can significantly improve your chances of a positive outcome. Melanie will take immediate action on your behalf in order to alleviate the long-term consequences of your Alpharetta, GA DUI charges. Melanie represents DUI clients in Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Roswell and Sandy Springs. She is very familiar with the DUI courts and judges in those areas. In Alpharetta, GA, those accused of DUI will appear before:

Honorable Barry Zimmerman

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