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A Georgia DUI conviction can have extremely far-reaching criminal consequences, including a lifelong criminal record, fines, time in jail, probation and mandatory community service and participation in DUI School or the Risk Reduction Program. In addition, a criminal conviction on your record could lead to the loss of your job, or the inability to obtain future employment. You could be unable to obtain federal funding to continue your education or unable to obtain a professional license.

It is likely your auto insurance rates will skyrocket following a DUI conviction, and, in some cases, your insurance company could drop you altogether. You are likely to lose your driver’s license for a period of time, which, in itself, could result in the loss of your job. If you want to significantly lessen the above consequences, it is crucial you contact an experienced Johns Creek, GA DUI attorney immediately. Melanie Ellwanger has the experience and the knowledge of Georgia DUI laws necessary to fight your charges.

Potential Defenses to Your Johns Creek, GA DUI Charges

Having a knowledgeable Georgia DUI attorney by your side during the entire process can result in a number of defenses available to combat your charges. The specialized resources you will receive from your DUI attorney will ensure every step of your DUI stop and subsequent arrest was absolutely by the book. As your Johns Creek, GA DUI attorney, Melanie Ellwanger will develop a comprehensive strategy for your defense, looking for any suppression issues which may exist. A few of the potential defenses which could be valid in your case include:

  • Insufficient cause for stopping you in the first place;
  • Insufficient probable cause of impaired driving ability;
  • Inaccurate field sobriety tests;
  • Inaccurate Breathalyzer test results;
  • A non-certified officer administered the Breathalyzer;
  • Failure to calibrate the Breathalyzer test;
  • Inaccurate hospital blood tests;
  • No observation period prior to administration of the Breathalyzer test, and
  • Specific health problems affecting the field sobriety tests or BAC tests.

Benefits of Contacting an Experienced Johns Creek, GA DUI Attorney

Whatever decision you made regarding the Breathalyzer test or whether you did or did not engage in field sobriety tests, it is extremely important you contact Johns Creek, GA DUI attorney Melanie Ellwanger immediately. Melanie will fight aggressively to minimize the potentially life-altering consequences of your DUI arrest. Melanie Ellwanger has an extensive background in DUI defense and will use that experience to work toward having your charges reduced or dropped altogether, when possible. Melanie understands you are anxious and scared after being charged with DUI, and will work hard to alleviate your concerns. Melanie represents DUI clients in Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton. She is very familiar with the DUI courts and judges in those areas. In Johns Creek, GA, those accused of DUI will appear before:


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