Blow and Go?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been pushing House Bill 205 for years, but it looks as though it is gaining traction this year. In a nutshell, HB 205 could require ignition interlock devices be placed in vehicles of first time DUI offenders.

Some people think ignition interlock is just an urban myth, made up to make people laugh, or scared, or both. I assure you ignition interlock is as real as the glass of Chardonnay I will sip as soon as I finish writing this blog. It is essentially a box that is wired to the ignition of a vehicle. The driver has to blow into the machine, and register negative for alcohol, before the vehicle will start. The law requires the driver to place ignition interlock on every vehicle they operate. As the law stands now, ignition interlock is only required for certain repeat DUI offenders.

I have mixed emotions on this one. Ignition interlock devices are expensive and often embarrassing. AND *clears throat*… I humbly disagree with the inference made in this article that all persons arrested for DUI will be repeat offenders. Sorry sister, but this is wrong, wrong, and wrong all wrapped up in WRONG! However, the bill will potentially lessen the HARSH administrative license suspension imposed on those accused of DUI.

HB 205 passed Committee earlier this week, so keep your eyes and ears open for the latest. I have a feeling sales of this ingenious invention might skyrocket here in Georgia!

Melanie Ellwanger is a North Georgia DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney. She is a former prosecuting attorney and judicial candidate. She has been ranked as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers magazine 2012-2015. melanie@hiremelaw.com