Georgia Amends Laws Regarding Passing a School Bus

A bill signed by Georgia Governor Kemp regarding laws pertaining to passing a school bus went into effect in February.  This new bill amended a law enacted in July 2018 which allowed motorists to not stop for a school bus under certain circumstances. The previous law allowed drivers who were traveling in the opposite direction on…


Georgia Officers Shoot Tennessee Shoplifting Suspect

A case of shoplifting in Tennessee quickly turned into a shooting in the state of Georgia, as police chased two suspects suspected of shoplifting in Bradley County, Tennessee across the state line into Georgia. Georgia state troopers then used a maneuver to halt the suspects, at which time the male driver surrendered, but the woman…


Georgia’s New Hands-Free Law

Most all of us have done it at one time or another—used our cell phone while driving. While knowing full well how dangerous the habit is, most drivers believe they can use a cell phone safely while driving. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, despite the fact that cell phone use may be…


Failure to Appear in Georgia

In February of 1934, John Sheehan Jr. failed to appear in Magistrate Court to answer a charge of suspicion of larceny. That failure to appear cost Sheehan his $1,000 bail bond and resulted in a warrant being issued for his arrest. Failure to appear warrants are used across the United States to “persuade” those who…


Is Raising a Middle Finger Considered Disorderly Conduct in Georgia?

While the Georgia disorderly conduct statutes can be a bit murky, last year the Georgia Supreme Court made a decision regarding at least one action which might be considered disorderly conduct. The issue at hand was “flipping the bird” and the Court ruled that without additional bad behavior, showing a middle finger is protected in…


Georgia Police Sued by the ACLU Over DUI Marijuana Arrests

A Georgia police department—as well as one specific police officer in the department—has been sued for the arrest of three people based on a report by a so-called “drug recognition expert.” Each of the three plaintiffs were accused of driving under the influence of marijuana by a police officer in the Cobb County Police Department….