“My case was a double refusal. I was referred to Melanie’s law firm and told “they are the best.”

Melanie did a great job keeping me informed of all the proceedings, her thoughts & strategy on my case, and was extremely patient listening to all the input that I had. Admittedly, I was very aggressive in my studying and researching of DUI laws and cases. I don’t know of many attorneys that would have been as patient listening to my thoughts as I am not an attorney.

Melanie was extremely thorough and well prepared when the state played their “shell game.” Meaning, we prepared for a defense without the use of video only to have the video made suddenly available on the morning of trial.

Melanie was aggressive when questioning the officer without questioning his integrity. She allowed the officer to contradict his police report, the video, & his previous sworn testimony, without interruption. Then, she simply presented the facts of this contradiction to the jury. “You just testified to this, but your previous testimony and in the police report, you stated something different?” I thought it was a brilliant tactical move!

Dealing with a DUI arrest is extremely stressful and she did more than anyone should expect to lower that stress. Allowing you to continue your normal routine and rest a little better at night, while knowing that your case is in the hands of an expert is priceless!

Save yourself the headache & confusion and just trash all the direct mail you will receive from the “other” lawyers. Make one phone call, to Melanie, and trust that you’ve made the right decision.

I am forever grateful that I made the decision to hire Melanie and, more importantly, that she defended me with such excellence!”