After Monroe County was created, the town of Forsyth came into existence and was later made the county seat in 1823. The first courthouse in Forsyth was a simple log building. The town experienced intensive growth between the mid-19th and the 20th centuries, primarily attributed to the arrival of the railroad. The Commercial Historic District in Forsyth is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and remains a popular tourist spot. Tift College, the second-oldest founded female college in the world, was opened in Forsyth in 1849.  In 1986, Tift College merged with Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. The 275 acre campus is now being used headquarters of the Georgia Department of Corrections. The city of Forsyth was named after John Forsyth, who served as the governor of Georgia from 1827-1829. The current Forsyth Police Department has expressed a commitment to providing the quality of life for all those who reside in Forsyth. Laws are enforced with impartiality and equity, and crime is reduced through prevention, public education and awareness. The FPD provides the citizens of Forsyth with continuous patrol coverage at all times, in a professional, honest, courteous and fair manner. The Municipal Court is currently located inside the City Hall. The city manager oversees the administration of Forsyth; the manager, mayor and city council also strive to partner with community members while planning for the future and enhancing the overall quality of life.

With easy I-75 access, Forsyth offers some of the South’s finest dining as well as the Forsyth Commercial Historic District which includes the Courthouse Square as well as a number of structures built in the middle to late 1800’s.  The old train depot currently houses the Monroe County Museum and Genealogy room; visitors to the area often visit the nearby Confederate Cemetery and many return in March for the annual Forsyth Festival in the Courthouse Square.

What to Do Following Your Forsyth DUI Arrest If you have been arrested for DUI in the city of Forsyth, you are probably experiencing a range of emotions, from anxiety to anger to fear. You may feel as though your arrest was unwarranted, or that the tests you submitted to were unfair. In fact, you could very well be right. The officer who arrested you may have had no legal reason to pull you over in the first place. If you were given a Breathalyzer test, the machine may not have been properly calibrated, or the person administering the test may not have been properly certified. There are many more factors associated with Breathalyzer results which are not accurate. If you were given field sobriety tests, and the officer based your arrest on those tests, there are many ways an experienced Georgia DUI attorney can challenge the results. Perhaps you are taking a prescription medication which made it difficult for you to complete the tests, or you have a specific medical condition which prohibited you from “passing” the field sobriety tests. Whatever your specific circumstances, Melanie Ellwanger can help ensure your DUI arrest does not change your life forever. You need a knowledgeable legal professional who will truly care about the impact this arrest will have on your employment, your community life, your home life and your future. Melanie is available 24/7 for those in need of a responsive, experienced DUI attorney. Call 404-803-3105 today to speak to Melanie Ellwanger regarding your Forsyth DUI charges.