As a vibrant Southern city in Fulton County, Georgia, Alpharetta offers a unique blend of great job opportunities, incredible shopping, frequent cultural events and abundant green space. Despite the progress made by Alpharetta throughout the past few decades, the city has managed to maintain its down-home charm and character. Those who live in Alpharetta describe their city as accessible and down-to-earth, yet bursting with cosmopolitan city life. The park systems in Alpharetta enhance the city residents’ quality of life, whether strolling through expansive Wills Park, engaging in sports and recreational activities or taking part in one of the finest equestrian facilities in the Southeast. The greenway system along Big Creek provides an inspiring pathway for hikers and bikers of all ages.

Alpharetta’s history goes back as far as the 1830’s, when settlers and pioneers settled in the community to farm on the fertile land and raise their families. A trail of devastation followed General Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War, leaving the early written records of the city in ruins as well.  During the Great Depression, Milton and Fulton Counties merged, and once the city roads began to be paved, Alpharetta’s population soared from a mere 3,000 in the early 1980’s to twenty times that three decades later. Alpharetta is home to several institutes of higher learning, including the Keller Graduate School of Management, as well as those in the Atlanta Metro area. A Georgia State University satellite campus can be found in Alpharetta as well.

The Alpharetta Police Department strives to be an integral part of the community, through inclusion in community activities, associations and groups. The APD wants to be accessible and responsive to the citizens of Alpharetta. The APD Uniform Patrol Division was created to help break barriers between the community and the police department. Goals of decreasing both social disorder as well as the fear of crime by the public are central to the Uniform Patrol Division. Downtown Alpharetta is a priority of the current mayor and city council. Where empty storefronts once existed, there are now nearly a dozen restaurants and shops opening each and every month.

The city council also recognizes that there are more than 600 technology companies currently in Alpharetta—nearly twice as many as in the city of Atlanta. Because of this, the mayor formed the state’s first technology commission which is comprised of Alpharetta’s leading technology executives. Over the course of 18 months, the city of Alpharetta has added more than 4,300 high-paying technology jobs. Alpharetta has been named the 7th friendliest city in the nation by Forbes, as well as the 6th fastest-growing city, and has maintained the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Georgia.

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