Thank You, Officer.

Thank You, Officer.

[17-November-15 15:49:11]
A man in Tyrone, GA did something quite unusual after his DUI arrest. After the unnamed man went to Court for his DUI charges, he...

2/5 DUI, entire case dismissed

[5-November-15 5:26:57]
After a pre-trial motions hearing on a roadblock case in Hall Co., the State dismissed client’s entire case.

Underage DUI dropped

[5-November-15 5:26:12]
Underage DUI with .17 blood alcohol level dismissed in Gwinnett Co. after plea negotiations

2/5 DUI dismissed

[5-November-15 5:24:03]
Second DUI in five years (.18 blood alcohol level) reduced to Reckless Driving in Jackson Co.

DUI reduced to reckless

[5-November-15 5:23:36]
Melanie took over a Barrow County case from another lawyer. The DUI charge was dropped the day of trial after she made the announcement of...

Per Se DUI case dismissed

[5-November-15 5:23:08]
Judge granted pre-trial motions on a .14 breath test case, entire case dismissed in Fulton Co.

2/5 DUI reduced

[5-November-15 5:22:42]
Second DUI in 5 years reduced to reckless driving after Melanie cross-examined police officer in Fulton Co.

Underage DUI dismissed

[4-November-15 8:43:00]
Client agreed to plead to a minor traffic ticket after .09 underage DUI dismissed in Fulton Co.
Halloween in Handcuffs

Halloween in Handcuffs

[27-October-15 20:37:53]
Halloween in Handcuffs Police in Atlanta, GA are looking for a suspected Hit and Run driver. Last Sunday at 2:30 a.m., surveillance video captured a...