I Don’t Think So…

I Don’t Think So…

The Cumberland County Jail in Portland made headlines this week because the jail staff told a female attorney to remove her underwire bra before coming into the jail to meet with her clients.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The deputies asked the lady lawyer to remove her brassiere!!!!!

The reason, according to the Sheriff, was the underwire in bras could be making the metal detectors go off.

Not good enough, Sir.

Now look, as a Georgia DUI Attorney, I have been into many a jail. This has NEVER been an issue for me, or anyone I know, for that matter. I am completely appalled that someone let this “suggestion” come out of his mouth. Find another way!

I am sure plenty of inmates would enjoy bra-less women coming and going from the jail facility. And if a woman chooses not to wear a bra, I take no issue. But don’t dare try to come between this woman and her Calvins!

Have fun and always stay safe*

*with or without as much underwear as YOU choose!

Link to entire story: http://www.pressherald.com/2015/09/18/female-attorneys-forced-to-remove-underwire-bras-before-meeting-with-clients-at-portland-jail/